The right ingredients are here–a clever killing, hanky-panky in the art world, colorful characters, wry notes on life in 1962 and today, a rich plot, hints of kinky sex and some violence–but they don’t blend for a satisfying caper. Abstract artist Harrison Tyler plans to ridicule young super-realist Arthur Cleveland in a painting in hopes of triggering a lawsuit that will squelch Cleveland totally. To help, Tyler hires Thomas Curry, idealistic self-disbarred lawyer, and Sandy Cadette, girl Friday in the elder Curry’s law firm. When Tyler is an apparent suicide, Thomas and Sandy, who are in love but can’t quite admit it, set out to prove it’s murder. The prime suspects are Cleveland and the shadowy, sinister “entrepreneur” Olivier Giraud, who occasionally sells Cleveland’s pictures. But attorney Bowen ( Can’t Miss ) seems afflicted with lawyerly logorrhea (“he couldn’t have fired the gun in the way it would have had to have been fired if he had killed himself”) and when he isn’t clumsy he’s arch. Thomas and Sandy are not cute, they’re just early Yuppies. Copyright 1989 Reed Business Information, Inc.


(And you get the present!)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the appearance of Badger Game, the 1960’s-era mystery by Michael Bowen featuring Thomas Andrew Curry and Sandrine Cadette Curry.  Kirkus Reviews called Badger Game “Aggressively witty…ingenious, well-paced, and inventively clued…A welcome entry in the field.”   Publisher’s Weekly said that it offered “A clever killing, hanky-panky in the art world, colorful characters, wry notes on life in 1962 and today, a rich plot.”

To celebrate this milestone, all three Thomas-and-Sandy mysteries are now available on-line for the first time.  And Michael has a gift for you:   Be one of the first 200 readers to buy Badger Game for ninety-nine cents on Amazon between July 15 and August 31, 2014, and get another Michael Bowen mystery novel, personally inscribed to you, FREE. Seriously.  That’s what we said:  FREE.  Mailed to you via U.S. Mail within 2 to 4 weeks at no charge to you.  No postage, no handling, no loopholes, no lawyer-stuff.  FREE to the first 200 purchasers.

Okay, some lawyer stuff.  After you’ve enjoyed Badger Game, just email to verify your purchase.  We’ll send you a QUESTION about the story that you can answer to show you actually read Badger Game.  (Sort of like high school!)  Be one of the first 200 people to reply with the correct answer and add your address and instructions on the inscription you’d prefer on the FREE BONUS MYSTERY NOVEL you’ll get if you have the right answer (but, really, how could you not have it?).  The FREE BONUS MYSTERY will come to you in print, between hard covers – just like books were in the early 1960’s, when Thomas and Sandy were doing their plucky-couple, mystery-solving thing.

Don’t wait! Act today! FREE can’t last forever!  In fact, it won’t last past August 31st (or until our supply of 200 mystery novels runs out)!

The other Thomas and Sandy mysteries are Fielder’s Choice and Act of Faith.  It won’t break our hearts if you buy them too – and after you read Badger Game, you’ll want to.

This is not a contest, drawing or lottery.  Question is for verification of purchase only.  Limit one free bonus mystery novel per person.  The free bonus mystery novels were originally sold at retail by their publishers at prices of $15.95 and up.  Author reserves the right to vary inscription in the interests of good taste and legal concerns.  Void where prohibited.

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Clues: A Journal of Detection

Jan 17, 2014 by Anonymous

“Artistic and articulate . . . . ”

Kirkus Reviews

Jan 17, 2014 by Anonymous

“Aggressively witty . . . Ingenious, well-paced, inventively clued . . . . ”

Publisher’s Weekly

Jan 17, 2014 by Anonymous

“A clever killing, hanky-panky in the art world, colorful characters, wry notes on life in 1962 and today, a rich plot.”

Michael Bowen , USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 “Artistic and articulate . . . . ”